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Carpe Diem and Canine love

As I swagger the vibrant streets of Dallas, Texas, I can't help but feel a rush of excitement. This is my new home turf, and I'm totally digging it. From the bustling energy of downtown to the funky street art, there's always something new to discover here. With the delectable Tex-Mex cuisine and the welcoming locals, this city has truly captured my heart.


Now, I may not know much about cow-tipping or line-dancing, but I sure know how to have a good time. You can usually find me cozied up on my comfortable couch, streaming Netflix or a book in hand diving deep into the world of Harry Potter. But don't let my lazy ways fool you - I've got big dreams of starting a nonprofit and rescuing every furry critter in sight.


Speaking of furry critters, let me introduce you to the love of my life - my super-smart Cocker Spaniel Rusty. He's the inspiration behind all my harebrained schemes and the star of my heart. But enough about me and my furbaby - let's talk design.


My passion for design runs deep, fueled by a belief in its ability to inspire and engage people on a profound level. I am convinced that great design can positively impact our lives in countless ways, from enhancing functionality and usability to creating beauty and meaning in the world around us. I live for the thrill of creating something new and beautiful. And when I'm not busy designing up a storm, you can find me daydreaming about my next vacation to the Amalfi Coast, Tomorrowland, Miami Ultra, or Ibiza.


So what's my motto, you ask? It's simple, really -  Seize the day, chortle often, cherish life, and cherish your canine companion above all else!


Feb 2022 - Till Date

Major Tom Digital Agency

UX/UI Designer

Jul 2020 - Jul 2021


Marketing Expert at Facebook

Nov 2017 - July 2020

Zocales Travel


Jul 2010 - Nov 2017

DHL Global Forwarding

  • Trade Lane Manager  | (Sep '16 - Nov '17)

  • Sales Manager  | (Jun '14 - Sep '16)

  • Business Development Manager | (Jul'10 - Jun '14)

Jul 2009 - Jul 2010


Major Accounts Manager

May 2006 - Jul 2009


Territory Manager


2021 -2022


VR Designer & Developer - Technical Boot Camp

2021 - 2022


UX/UI Designer - Technical Bootcamp

2004 - 2006


MBA - Marketing

2001 - 2004




  • Conducted heuristic evaluations to identify usability issues and propose improvements.

  • Designed and executed A/B testing to optimize website/app performance.

  • Developed and executed user recruitment strategies to ensure diverse study samples.

  • Analyzed user data to create user personas and identify crucial user behaviors and pain points.

  • Synthesized user feedback and research findings into engaging user stories and journey maps.

  • Facilitated focus groups to collect valuable user insights and feedback on design concepts.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including developers and product managers, to ensure successful project outcomes.

Design Tools

  • Adobe Creative Suite: XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effects

  • Figma, Sketch, Invision

  • Miro

  • Octopus

  • Gather Content

  • Unity Engine

  • HTML, CSS, JS, C#

Design Skills

  • Wireframing

  • UI design

  • Interaction design

  • Animations

  • Information architecture/ Site Mapping

Research Skills

  • Conducted UX research using interviews, surveys, and usability testing to improve user experiences.

  • Employed design thinking to develop innovative solutions and solve complex problems.

  • Analyzed data using statistical methods to inform research findings.

  • Created effective design strategies based on research insights to optimize user experiences.

  • Ensured designs were accessible and user-friendly by following accessibility principles.

Design is not just about creating something visually appealing; it's about solving problems and improving people's lives. As a designer, I approach every project with a set of principles that guide me in creating effective and impactful designs. These principles are not just rules to follow, but rather a framework to help me achieve my ultimate goal: to create designs that are both beautiful and functional.

Make complex simple

I live by the principle of "make complex simple" because I believe that simplicity and ease-of-use are key to creating impactful and user-centric designs.

Use what's available

I believe in leveraging existing patterns to create intuitive and efficient interfaces that empower users to achieve their goals with ease.

Data over intuition

I prioritize data over intuition because I believe that user feedback and empirical evidence are essential for creating designs that truly meet the needs of the users.

Question everything

I'm committed to questioning assumptions and challenging the status quo in order to drive innovation and create user experiences that truly stand out 

Design for the user

I focus on designing for the user. By placing their needs and preferences at the heart of the design process, experiences that are genuinely impactful can be created.

Design for everyone

I'm dedicated to designing for everyone. Inclusive design is not only morally right, but it also leads to better user experiences regardless of abilities or backgrounds.

Design Principles I Live By







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