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I’m An Introvert. I love to travel… And I survive. I avoid groups, excessive interaction and talking to Strangers. My friend’s circle is small. Really Small. I can go on for days, with just a laptop and no interactions with the outside world. Mostly I prefer staying at home with a takeaway dinner, rather than hanging out with a bunch of people, I don’t connect with. I’m also the person who speaks least in a group if I do have to hang out. My choice of topics are specific, and I relate intellectually to very few. I literally hate walking up to a stranger and asking for information, out of the fear of making a fool of myself, and there are plenty of people out there who can relate to me and know exactly what I’m talking about. So how does someone like me or you, survive travelling solo, or joining a group of people, we know nothing about. If you ask me, there are no real tips to handle this. But at least you know what to expect so that you can have unlimited fun.

Palpitations over nothing:

When you arrive at your destination, you are excited and waiting to see the world. But the next morning when you wake up, ready to go to town, you feel nervous over nothing. Where to go, how to get there, what to do, what if you get lost, and maybe you would feel that today isn’t the day. You need some time to mull over your plan and get out of the hotel tomorrow. But you’ll never get back the day you lost on a vacation, and that’s one less thing you get to see. The thing about being an introvert, you can be by yourself, in a crowded airport or a square full of people, and that’s both positive and negative. Negative because it’ll hold you back from getting out there, and positive because you can survive on your own. So if ever you feel those palpitations and butterflies, pull up your socks, get out there and enjoy the world. Those fears aren’t real. When you’ve had all that fun you’d be glad you ignored the murmurs.

You’ll crave space

Do crowds drive you nuts? Yeah, Me too. But we live in a world full of extroverts. Staying in a hostel will prove just that. Loud laughter and talking, Music, People in the hallway, slumber party and all of that you generally aren’t a part of. Then there is also the backpacker’s crowd on the bus, and if you are staying in luxury hotels you still have trust fund brats and the elites travelling in large groups. Honestly, there is no way to escape this. But you can always find your corner and settle with something that you really like. No one ultimately wants to bother someone who isn’t interested.

There are social days too

Crowds and noise are annoying, but sometimes being a part of it is fun too. Especially the right ones. I remember being on a cruise that had dance classes, and though hesitant I decided to show up for it, and guess what it turned out to be amazing. People were goofy and it was all about fun. Everyone laughing and dancing with the other, with no interest at all in mastering the steps. It was good to be part of something, where people were genuinely interested in getting to know each other and making the other person feel comfortable. It may not be the change you are looking for, but sometimes, it’s great to be social. So keep an eye for those moments, and live in them.

There are more of us out there

Introverts may be far and few, but you’ll bump into some of them on every trip. Spending time with one could be extremely refreshing because they know when to give you your space. On my trip to Phuket, I decided to try out scuba diving, one of the best decisions I ever made. The experience was splendid and life-changing. The calm and peace underwater is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. And marine life? Magic is an understatement. But then there was another part of it that made it totally worthwhile. I met a girl Just as shy and quiet as me. We set off talking about where we are from and what we were doing there, and we hit it off instantly. It was great to hang out with someone too similar, on the boat to the dive spot, Between dives and lunches and even after we returned to the town. We had so much talk that we met up for dinner. So sometimes, there are people out there, you instantly connect with, that could really take the edge off.

Carry your interests with you

Never ever let yourself be bored. Do things that intrigue you and keep you occupied. For me, it's about seeing new places and trying out adventure activities and trying new cuisines. I love street food, and I can shop on my own for hours. But I’m not really the one to party or go out for a drink on my own. A warm shower, eating what I love, and sinking into the soft bed after a tiring day is my favourite thing to do when I’m doing nothing. But my love for reading, never lets the silence take over. I have a ton of books always downloaded on my kindle and Voilà!!! Never a dull moment.

Being an Introvert isn’t good or bad, It’s just the way we are. And there is nothing that needs to stop you from having fun if you are an introvert. You may be different, but one of the best things about us introverts is that we are fiercely independent. We don’t need other people to ensure we are having fun. All we require is ourselves and the confidence that we can and that we deserve it.

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