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I saw a GE BIG BOY APPLIANCES commercial once, and oh man I loved it. So, So hard to ignore what a Handsome, Strong and Amazing looking man Jason Momoa is. Here I go again… But wait! That’s not what we are here to talk about. If you manage to take your eyes off the gorgeous Mr Momoa, you’ll see the message behind the Commercial. Starting with a setup that gives the 1950s kind of vibe, it shows a husband asking a woman, how she manages to keep the house so clean… But then the scene changes and enters, Khal Drogo. Yeah, All you game of throne addicts knows what I’m talking about. The narrator says times have changed, and women are the breadwinners in 50% of American homes. The rest of the world is joining the clan too, though some slower and some faster, but then there we are. Women are getting out, making a living, creating a pool of people called “STAY AT HOME DADS”. We’ve shed our skin, evolved… Femme Du Mond, Literally translating woman of the world, is capable of everything. Call it equality. Call it progress. Call it evolution. We’ve stepped up and there is nothing that we are not equally good or better at than a man.

The world is now a much smaller place. Lunch in Mumbai, Dinner in Hong Kong and Breakfast in Paris. Sure, it’s all possible, and we do it. Women are part of the top brass in any company. We are CEO’s, Directors, Presidents, country heads and Senior Managers. We are all that, and we fly Company Jets, Business class, we hop multiple airports in a matter of weeks. Roadshows, launches, conferences, board meetings, sales kick-off, Executive meets – the reasons are plenty. But the truth behind it all is that most of us are living out of a suitcase. American Tourister or Louis Vuitton luggage, whatever may be your level of indulgence, but it’s a box containing everything that we need. So which means we are carrying our little world inside it. So, in a nutshell, our world needs to be perfect.

So what to carry and what not to…


You must choose it wisely, based of course on short or long trips. For the shortest one, look for an overnighter and a handbag, clothes for a day and night and a laptop and toiletries that you can put in the flight cabin. For a few days may smaller cabin luggage, hard case with 4 wheels, which gives you the extra space on both sides, to put in all that you require. If you are looking at anything more than a week, then medium-sized hard case luggage, suitable for check-in.

Work, Workout and Fun:

That’s how you categorize your clothes and shoes. Blazers and suits, black slacks, trousers or skirts. Whites, off whites, light blues and neutral coloured top to pair with anything and formal shoes (heels or not based on your comfort). Remember that for long stays most companies cover laundry expenses. So do not carry the bulk. Wash and wear.

Workout clothes and a pair of athletic shoes if you are a fitness freak and don’t like missing your routine.

Fun outfit if you think you’d be out after work, a casual dress or denim and Tee or Casual Skirt and Top. Formal dinner or a Party? Then how about the black dress & a clutch that fits into any luggage… casual footwear – may be a versatile ballet that suits all? Ooooh and don’t forget those PJs and Inners.

Devices and their Grubs:

Laptops are a no-brainer – can’t do without. But don’t underestimate longer work trips. They get you bored and some get you homesick. Entertainment is key when you don’t feel like stepping out of your hotel room. So take those iPads And Kindles along, with some downloaded movies, and those Phones and iPods, for a generous playlist. And if you want to do it the old-fashioned way, how about books? And don’t forget those chargers. Another important thing is a universal converter plug. North America, Europe, Asia they are all different. In times of desperation, we go to any lengths, and they don’t come cheap.

Toiletries and Makeup:

Well, Hotel provides body washes, shampoo and lotions. But if you are like me, I hate the stuff provided by hotels. Except for one hotel that provided L’occitane and others which provided Crabtree and Evelyn products. But they all don’t do that. So if you are scared of those hotel provided toiletries then carry a travel pack of your own. My favourite is the body shop quart-sized packs. On or off travel they seem to do the trick.

Makeup – based on what you use, but carry one of each

Foundation Powder Mascara Eyeliner Blush Eye shadow Want more? Then go for the smaller pallets.

Pens and More:

It’s the smaller stuff that skips our minds.

Pens, Journals, Power banks, files… It’s embarrassing to borrow, and even more so to land up without on the first day, even if you manage to buy on thereafter. Clips, combs and Bands… So important. We like to show off our freshly straightened hair but once at the hotel, and they are all over your face… you know what I’m talking about. Scarfs, sunglasses and contacts… Does it look insignificant? Cold evenings that make you shiver and sunny days that make you squint will tell you a different story. And when you are in that room for an important presentation, the absence of your reading glasses or contacts will almost be unforgivable.

Medicines and mints: Simple staples for cold, fever and headaches, band-aids are important. A lot of hotels are far from the main city during work trips, especially because companies like to save money and a lot of hotels have policies against stocking medicines. So carry your own. And why Mints? Because they are lifesavers during a boring meeting, and help you stay awake even despite the jet lag. And besides your breath smells fresh.

So I'm not the one to complain. I love to travel of any kind, Work or Leisure. I like living out of suitcases. Office to Hotel and back is also completely agreeable. Beautiful rooms, room service and someone to clean your room is total bliss. So I’m game for it anytime. And if you are too… then stay organized, remember the essentials and be the style icon. I can’t wait for my next trip as always… How about you?

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