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Ideas, creativity, teamwork, fun, conversations, discussions, learnings, and countless hours of hard work went into building each one of the projects. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them

The Sunny Place

The Sunny Place is a travel app designed for the post pandemic world. The app aims to help its users choose the best destination for their upcoming vacation, based on live reviews provided by other travellers, and also with travel expert support at the destination to make the complete travel experience unforgettable

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Don't let your busy life stop you from having fun. Binge Buddy is the alternative to stay connected and have fun all at the same time, no matter where you are. If you can’t go to out to the movies, bring the movie theatre home and watch with friends

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The main goal of this project was to ascertain how can navigation be improved, to prevent the user from getting overwhelmed by the large amount of information on the website. The task there involved identifying areas of the site currently cause frustration or confusion and redesigning to create a great user experience

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Just like people, dogs also require friendship and companionship. Unfortunately, owners find it challenging to arrange activities and meetups with other owners and their dogs. Here is an app that to find friends and companionship for their dogs.

I believe that introducing fresh perspective allows business to evolve and grow. So let's create something amazing