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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Girls were never incapable of having fun. Now that the la femme commune knows, it's capable of everything. It’s the gender that has changed in all these equality centuries. It’s so much easier to make her understand that sky blue is a day colour and what makeup goes for the nightclub. Things you can never do with boys. We all saw “the hangover” and wondered girls can never have fun like this. The fact remains, girls are not supposed to have fun similarly. Our fun is different because we are different from the men. What helps you connect with your core elements is at its best around people like you Packing bags for beach holidays and packing for vacations in the mountains is going to be a different fashion game, and thankfully we women get each other so clearly on this. The girl's trip is a refreshing experience. You don’t have to explain much. It’s understood we can’t do what we don’t do because mood swings affect us. Or can’t drink because we are pregnant, or we can’t do orange with yellow, or even to carry pepper spray wherever you go and what you forget your groupie has you covered. It is only much easier. Yes, we need more skincare, so we do that by carrying everything in our bags and each factor is understood without putting in words to the other one. We all mix and match and take advice on how we look. Then come out stunning in the colours and layers and photograph each other. We go binge-drinking and binge throwing up. Enough Sufis and enough troublemakers make it a perfect getaway.

One would be scared of water, another could be scared of heights, the third may like only Bollywood music and I may like only rock on my player. A girl's trip away from the mundanes of real life with women who think like you are such a breath of fresh air because we are all the same type. Different names and different faces. A travel plan only leaves the girls as better crisis managers, better economists, better load carriers and better skills of organizing everything which one feels only men can do. So one must muster a group, file applications for a passport, then save and book tickets to climb the stairway to heaven. The whole process will suddenly fill you with such light and thrill that travels and your girls will become an addiction, and you would always seek to run away into one of these places out of your comfort zones but indeed again in your comfort zone. Because your tribe exactly gets your vibe. ?

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